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    Rules And Regulations ~


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    Rules And Regulations ~ Empty Rules And Regulations ~

    Post by Myth on Fri Oct 22, 2010 2:14 am


    * Respect the Staff and your fellow players.
    This is a game, everyone plays here to have fun, please try to make Basic GunZ a fun experience
    for all members of our Community
    * Cheating to gain an unfair advantage by using third party programs,
    exploiting the client, game mechanics, the database, or other
    bugs are strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated.
    * If you find a bug that gives players an unfair advantage, please
    immediately report the issue to LigerGunz Staff so that it can be fixed.
    * Threatening Basic Crew, the Server, Forums, Staff or Players is a Bannable Offence.
    We don't take this lightly.
    * Harassing LigerGunz Staff or other Players is not tolerated.
    * Donors help keep LigerGunz and its servers operational. Verbal
    Harassment/Flaming of these people is inappropriate if it be the Forums
    or in-game. We will not tolerate this as these people deserve the same
    respect as any other player.
    * Basic GunZ Staff will never ask for your in-game account details, including your password, do not give these out.
    * You are responsible for all actions taken on your account, do not lend
    or give your account or account details to anyone else.

    In-game Chat and Conduct

    It is forbidden to do any of the following on any Public Chat or Say Channel in-game:

    * Racial and sexual abuse, slurs and inappropriate comments are strictly forbidden.
    * Spamming (undesired, unsolicited bulk messages, repeating
    the same word or sentence many times to get attention or to interfere
    with normal operations)
    * Flaming (messages that are deliberately hostile and insulting)
    * Asking or begging Staff's for free stuff.
    * Spamming or continuous discussions about cheaters, take a Screen Shot and report them.
    * Settling disputes in open areas.
    * General inappropriate religious, racial, nonsense, inappropriate
    humor, spam or garbage conversations which the entire server does not
    have interest in and should not need to hear.

    Penalties for breaking these rules include being Muted, Kicked,
    Suspended or Banned from LigerGunz servers, subject to reasonable GM

    Game Play

    The following are all forbidden on our servers:

    * Exploiting bugs or cheating of any kind to gain an unfair advantage in the game.
    * Killing a player for "free" several times. (Swapping)
    * File Editing, this involves editing certain files on our servers which enables exploits.
    * Using third-party programs that give you an unreasonable advantage over other players
    * Any cheat, method or way to attempt to increase or bug your weapon,item etc. damage.
    * Any cheat, method or way to attempt to increase or bug your Hit Points, AP Points or other stats.
    * Making yourself unattackable when you should be
    * Using macros to spam attacks,moves,etc.

    credit from EvilControl

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    Rules And Regulations ~ Empty Re: Rules And Regulations ~

    Post by Desperados on Fri Oct 22, 2010 9:42 am

    I remember seeing some somewhere but I cant find so its ok probably going to be edited. And please do not double post edit your post next time plz.
    Thx Desperados

    Rules And Regulations ~ Banner16
    Remember Liger Gunz Staff will NEVER ask for your password =D
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